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Paul Frank Red (by The Doll Cafe)

My owner Dani is about to start a new project with this girl. Can’t wait to see how she’s gonna look like! 😃💋
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Steffie Barbies (by RomitaGirl67)

Miss Turquoise Birthstone Beauty (by The Doll Cafe)

Gymnast P.J. Close-up (by The Doll Cafe)

Ok so like Steffie is totally into the eighties lol… Steffie by Twisty

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My Melody Barbie on Flickr.

Star employee by Bogostick on Flickr.

Top Ten Toys of 2013 #1 Life In The Dreamhouse Midge Hadley



Description of Toy/Toy Line: Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse was a 2012 web series produced by Mattel. The series is a lighthearted look at Barbie, not as the character but rather as the actual doll through tidbits of reality television-esque style footage, and through ‘doll’ physics like…